CHLPI Presents Policy Roundtable on Integration of Community Health Workers into Diabetes Care

On Wednesday, September 30th, the Center for Health Law & Policy Innovation (CHLPI) of Harvard Law School, in collaboration with Peers for Progress and the NCLR (National Council of La Raza), will host Beating Type 2 Diabetes: A Policy Roundtable on Seizing Current Opportunities to Integrate Community Health Workers into Diabetes Care. The event will convene […]

Don’t Waste Good Food: USDA and EPA Announce Food Waste Reduction Goals

By: Emily Broad Leib and Ona Balkus of Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic, and Kelly Nuckolls, Student at Drake University Law School The food waste reduction benchmark has been set. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on September 16th the United States’ first food waste reduction goal: […]

Descargue las plantillas de cartas de CHLPI a la DDS

Las plantillas de cartas a la DDS (Departamentos de Seguros de los Estados), creadas por el Centro de Leyes de Salud e Innovación Política (CHLPI), apoyan el desarollo de cartas de consumidores/proveedores para quejar a la DDS de su estado.  Se pueden utilizar para describir varias quejas, inclusivo: Las compañías de seguros no incluyen medicamentos […]

Community Health Workers

By Victoria Powers, 2015 Summer Intern, Health Law and Policy Clinic While interactions with physicians and nurses have become ubiquitous, the number of community health workers in formal care capacities remains limited. However, auxiliary medical professionals, such as community health workers, have the potential to transform the current health care landscape. Throughout the summer, I’ve […]

Replacing “Kid Food” with “True Food” in School Cafeterias

By: Katie Carey, 2015 Summer Intern, Food Law and Policy Clinic On June 10, FLPC co-hosted the first annual Healthy Food Fuels Hungry Minds conference at Harvard University to discuss how to improve the quality of food in schools. Those attending the conference held diverse roles from school administrators to health experts to parents to […]

Harvard’s Food Law and Policy Clinic is Looking for Your Input for Updates to 2012 Toolkit

If you are a member of a local food policy council, or a food policy advocates, FLPC seeks your input as we update our 2012 publication Good Laws, Good Food: Putting Local Food Policy to Work for Our Communities. The Good Laws, Good Food toolkit assists local food policy councils and other advocates with understanding the basic legal concepts surrounding the […]

Food Policy in Our Hometown: Partnering with the Boston Food Policy Council

By: Caitlin Matthews (Summer Intern, Tufts M.A./M.S. ’17) As interns at the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC), we have many opportunities to connect with innovative leaders and participate in exciting events in the foods system in Boston and beyond.  Even so, presenting at the quarterly meeting of the Boston Food Policy Council is […]

FLPC to Host First Food Law Student Leadership Summit

The Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) is excited to host the first Food Law Student Leadership Summit, which will provide a forum for training, networking, and engagement among law students from across the country who are interested in food law and policy. We are now accepting applications from interested law students. The Summit […]

FLPC Launches Food Policy Toolkit for the Navajo Nation

By: Ona Balkus, FLPC Clinical Fellow, and Rosana Aragon-Plaza, L.L.M. ‘15 In May 2015, attorneys and students from the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) travelled to the Navajo Nation to launch Good Laws, Good Food: Putting Food Policy to Work in the Navajo Nation. This policy toolkit provides community food advocates and government […]

Looking at the Future of Health Care Reform: King v Burwell Panel

On April 20, 2015, the American Constitution Society held a panel on the King v Burwell case that is before the Supreme Court. CHLPI’s Director and HLS Professor, Robert Greenwald, served as the moderator for panelists Yaakov Roth, Matthew Hellman, and Rachel Gargiulo, all lawyers involved in the case. Each panelist provided a very different […]