FLPC releases short film on expiration dates and food waste

The Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC), in partnership with Racing Horse Productions, today released the short film EXPIRED? Food Waste in America in the Los Angeles Times. EXPIRED explores how misleading date labels on food products contribute to food waste in America. Every year, 40% of the food produced in the United States […]

Food Sovereignty in Navajo Nation

By Jevhon Rivers, JD ’17, Harvard Law School I spent two weeks in the Navajo Nation as a Continuing Clinical student for the Food Law and Policy Clinic. I had been working on food sovereignty research for a partner in the area during the Fall, but could not comprehend the true depth of the challenges […]

FLPC releases Child Nutrition Reauthorization Policy Brief, urges Congress to continue progress towards making nutritious, healthy, and delicious school meals available to all children

The Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act (CNR) is the centerpiece of federal child nutrition policy. Following a fall legislative session in which progress on the CNR repeatedly stalled, Senate Agriculture Committee leaders promise that it will be a top priority as Congress returns this week. The CNR takes place every five years and establishes […]

America Can Finally Give More: Congress Passes Permanent Extension of Enhanced Tax Deductions for Food Donations

Written by The Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic Last week, Congress passed an important piece of tax legislation as part of the fiscal year 2016 omnibus budget that will increase food donations and prevent food waste. The Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) applauds the passage of this portion of the legislation, which provides […]

Students Come Together to Learn and Innovate for a Better Food System

By: Tanisha Edwards, University of North Carolina School of Law At the Food Law Student Leadership Summit, I had the opportunity to talk about food with people who feel as passionately as I do. Law students from all over the country came together to feed off each other’s knowledge and excitement (no pun intended); together, we developed […]

New Job Opportunity: Mississippi Delta Fellow

The Delta Directions Consortium is accepting applications for the 2015 Delta Fellowship through February 15, 2016! The Delta Directions Consortium is an interdisciplinary group of individuals from academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and foundations working towards change in the Mississippi Delta. Delta Directions believes that potential for progress and change in the Delta is so multifaceted and complex that […]

Would a Single Food Safety Agency Make Food Safer? Reflections from the Harvard Food Law Student Leadership Summit

By: Jeni Lamb, Emory University School of Law It’s a bit of a dreary Saturday. The kind of day where it is so overcast that you look outside, know that it is day, but couldn’t say whether it is 10 AM or 3 PM in the afternoon. In my third year of law school at […]

Food Recovery Act Introduced in Congress

Today, Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree introduced the Food Recovery Act, a groundbreaking comprehensive piece of legislation aimed at reducing food waste and promoting food recovery. The Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) enthusiastically supports Congresswoman Pingree’s bill, which incorporates many of the key policy changes recommended by FLPC. FLPC staff and students believe that food […]

Harvard’s ties to the Mississippi Delta region continue to thrive and grow stronger and deeper with each passing year

By Colin Ross, Harvard Mississippi Delta Project Co-Chair, HLS ‘16 On the evening of November 18th, the students and faculty of the Harvard University community came together for the 7th annual Delta Celebration—a chance to share appreciation for the beauty and culture of the region, and to exchange insights about ways to help confront its […]

The Summer Meals Act: Clinical Student Op-Ed Published

“The Summer Meals Act: An easy choice for Speaker Ryan” was originally published by The Baltimore Sun on November 29, 2015. It was written by Tommy Tobin, a teaching fellow in the economics department of Harvard University; student at Harvard Law School; and former intern of the Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic. Excerpt from the […]