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Call for Proposals for Harvard’s Just Food? Forum on Labor Across the Food System

Does your work connect to food and labor? Are you studying the players in our food system, and how their roles and rights have changed over time? The Harvard Just Food Forum seeks proposals that focus on all aspects of labor across the food system. You may be working in the tomato fields in Florida, […]

Dates On Food Labels May Actually Start To Make Some Sense

  Developing a more standardized system could keep 398,000 tons of food from being wasted every year, according to a report released this year by Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic and other groups. The average family throws out about $1,500 in perfectly edible food a year, CBS News reported. “Dates On Food Labels May […]

FLPC Applauds USDA Revised Guidance on Date Labeling to Reduce Food Waste

The Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) is thrilled to share that the USDA has updated its guidance for food manufacturers and retailers, encouraging them to use a “Best if Used By” date label for their products. According to a national survey published by FLPC, the National Consumers League, and the John Hopkins Center for […]

Transforming Our Food System: A Conversation on a National Food Strategy

Watch a recording of the November 30, 2016 event, “Transforming Our Food System.” The panel discussion featured panelists Mark Bittman, Union of Concerned Scientists Fellow and former food columnist for the New York Times; Ricardo Salvador, Union of Concerned Scientists Food and Environment Program Director; and FLPC’s own Emily Broad Leib, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the […]

Hunger For Change

Originally published by the Harvard Gazette on December 5, 2016. Written by Liz Mineo; photography by Rose Lincoln. At the same time the government urges Americans to eat healthy foods, it heavily subsidizes farmers who produce corn and other crops used in junk foods, and invests little in those who grow fruits and vegetables. The […]

Second Edition of Farm & Food Law: A Guide for Lawyers in the Legal Food Hub Network is Now Available

FLPC and the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) have released the second edition of Farm & Food Law: A Guide for Lawyers in the Legal Food Hub Network. CLF launched the Massachusetts Legal Food Hub (LFH) to respond to the lack of legal services for small-scale farmers and food entrepreneurs who participate in local and regional […]

The 2016 Presidential Election & Food Law and Policy: What Happens Now?

With the election of Donald Trump as president (as well as continuing House and Senate Republican majorities), the new political landscape likely heralds a great deal of change for many aspects of American life, from domestic policies affecting food, health, and the environment, to foreign policies surrounding immigration and free trade. The Harvard Law School […]

5 Questions for Emily Broad Leib

FLPC Director Emily Broad Leib was recently interviewed by Clinical Law Prof Blog; read the interview below. In the spirit of thanksgiving and the abundance of food most of us partook in last week, I thought this would be a great time to continue that theme and learn about the amazing Food Law and Policy Clinic […]

Fresh Look At Organics Bans And Waste Recycling Laws

Originally published by BioCycle; written by  Emily Broad Leib, Christina Rice and Jill Mahoney. Emily Broad Leib is Director, and Christina Rice is a Clinical Fellow at the Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC). Jill Mahoney is a J.D./M.P.H. Candidate at the University of Arizona and Extern at the Harvard Law School FLPC. […]

‘Food is Medicine’ Symposium Attracts Dozens

Originally published by The Harvard Crimson on Monday, October 24, 2016. Written by Margot D. Dionne, Contributing Writer. Images via twitter.   Dozens gathered at the Law School Friday to discuss the importance of nutrition and to consider how people can gain access to healthy food in the United States. The Center for Health Law and […]