15 Powerful Women Shaping How We Eat in America Today

A new article from the Kitchn looks at 15 women who are changing our current food system, including FLPC director Emily Broad Leib. 

Excerpt from the article:


The Woman Solving Our Food Waste Problem

Who: Emily M. Broad Leib
Power Role: Founder of the Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic

Forty percent of the food we produce in the United States goes uneaten. Besides making sure the food we buy gets used, what other actionable steps can citizens take? That’s where Emily Broad Leib comes in. As the founder of the Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) at Harvard, Leib is addressing food waste on the legislative level. The FLPC is working to slowly but surely help Americans understand and participate in improving our complex and fraught food system,” says to Leib.

Leib is outspoken on food labeling policies, including her work as Executive Producer on Expired? Food Waste in America. The short documentary looks at the confusion behind “sell by” and “use by” date labels, and how label reform is necessary to help prevent food waste.

Read the full article, “15 Powerful Women Shaping How We Eat in America Today,” online.


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