PATHS Releases Comprehensive Diabetes Report

The project “PATHS: Providing Access to Healthy Solutions” has just released the report An Analysis of New Jersey’s Opportunities to Enhance Prevention and Management of Type 2 Diabetes. The Executive Summary and Full Report are available as well as the following project materials:




PATHS New Jersey Fact Sheets:
Background on Type 2 Diabetes in New Jersey
Background Fact Sheet
Type 2 Diabetes Prevention
The Diabetes Prevention Program
Physical Activity
Complete Streets Program
Healthy Food Retailers
Food Hubs
National School Breakfast Program
Type 2 Diabetes Management
Diabetes Self-Management Education
Medicaid Care Management
Medicaid Health Homes
Community Health Workers
The Patient Self-Management Program

Food as Medicine Would Save Medicare Millions

Robert Greenwald and David B. Waters authored the op-ed “Prescribing Food Like Medicine Would Save Medicare Millions” on WGBH on March 12, 2014. In the continuing debate about how to control soaring healthcare costs, poor nutrition and lack of access to healthy food are routinely ignored. This is the case despite the fact that in a country as wealthy as the United States, one in three patients nationwide enters the hospital malnourished, adding a host of additional health challenges to patients’ prognoses and millions in additional health care costs. Malnourished patients are significantly more likely than well-nourished patients to be re-hospitalized and suffer poor outcomes. Malnourished patients’ medications do not work as effectively. They often remain in the hospital longer and in many cases cannot continue critical treatments such as chemotherapy because they are not getting proper nutrition.