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Black Lives Matter

As individuals and as an organization, we at CHLPI pledge to reflect on our role in supporting, exacerbating, and failing to meaningfully question and address systemic racism. The CHLPI team pledges to recognize our role in the current model, and do better. Read our statement on racial justice here

Health Law and Policy Clinic COVID-19 Response

HLPC’s COVID-19 response initiatives ranges from promoting best practice for access to essential care, to ensuring a sound public health response by government, to keeping people at home and out of emergency rooms by addressing social determinants of health. Learn more and access our resources here. 

Food Law and Policy Clinic COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 continues to impact life and society in many ways, including our food systems. FLPC’s efforts to address the crisis include supporting donations of excess food due to business closures, analyzing opportunities to increase low-cost home food delivery, and shoring up emergency food systems. Learn about our efforts here.

The Federal Government is Failing Communities Suffering From Food Insecurity

This article was originally published in The Appeal on September 22, 2020, and was written by Ona Balkus, Food Policy Director at the DC Office of Planning and former FLPC Clinical Fellow.  Food insecurity is not an acute emergency, but […]

Health Law and COVID-19

On September 16, Harvard Law School’s Colloquium series titled, COVID-19 and the Law: Law and Policy to Address Basic Needs and Marginalized Populations, hosted a discussion on Health Law and COVID-19, featuring Robert Greenwald, Clinical Professor of Law and Faculty […]

CAFS Alumni Spotlight: Esther Akwii LLM’20 Heads To Harvard

This article was originally written and published by Vermont Law School on September 16, 2020. Originally hailing from Uganda, Esther Akwii LLM’20 worked with smallholder farmers and held a position at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome, […]

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