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Table Scraps: Pets Aren’t Garbage Disposals, but They Can Help Combat Food Waste

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Originally published by Phoenix New Times on September 18, 2019. Written by Lauren Cusimano. The idea of feeding animals, domestic or otherwise, our uneaten food is not new. It is, most likely, better understood, that our domestic pets are not […]

Apeel Sciences Has Developed Longer-Lasting Avocados, and They’re Coming to Stores

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Originally published by USA Today on September 18, 2019. Written by Kelly Tyko. Tired of throwing away spoiled produce? Apeel Sciences says it has gotten to the root of the problem and developed a technology that can double or possibly triple the shelf […]

FLPC’s Emily Broad Leib Joins Board of Cohort for Industry-First Nonprofit Food Recovery Accelerator

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Today, ReFED announced the cohort of ten organizations that will participate in its Nonprofit Food Recovery Accelerator. Thanks to the generous support of the Walmart Foundation, in partnership with +Acumen and in collaboration with a world-class, 50-member Expert Network, the […]

This New Study Calculates the Amount of Extra Food the World Produces Due to Waste and Overeating

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Originally published by MarketWatch on August 28, 2019. Written by Brett Arends. Fires are burning in the Amazon. Again. New data from Brazil’s space research agency shows the devastation. The National Institute for Space Research (Inpe) said its satellite data showed […]

Here’s How We Solve the Planet’s Food Waste Problem

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Earlier this month, the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a dire report highlighting the enormous environmental impact of agriculture. But the report also pointed to a clear way for us to feed more mouths without causing more planetary destruction: We […]

FLPC Welcomes New Team Member Emma Scott


The Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) welcomes Emma Scott to the team as a Clinical Instructor! Emma joined the Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic in August 2019 as a Clinical Instructor. Her work currently […]

Home Cooking for Profit? Sure, Just Not in New Jersey

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Originally published by The New York Times on August 13, 2019. Written by Amelia Nierenberg. With just a little white chocolate and some sprinkles, Heather Russinko can make a wedding gown in under seven minutes. Give her five minutes more, and [...]

Representatives Pingree and Newhouse Introduce Legislation to Standardize Food Date Labels


Last week, Representatives Chellie Pingree (D-ME) and Dan Newhouse (R-WA) introduced the Food Date Labeling Act of 2019 (H.R. 3981), federal legislation to standardize date labels on food products. The Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) enthusiastically supports this […]

Island Embraces Food Is Medicine State Plan

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Originally published by The Martha’s Vineyard Times on July 24, 2019. Written by Brittany Bowker. If nutritious food prevents chronic disease and promotes long-term health, why shouldn’t it be included in our healthcare plans? That’s the notion behind Food Is […]

USDA Gave Almost 100 Percent Of Trump’s Trade War Bailout To White Farmers


Originally published by FBLE on July 24, 2019. Last July, the Trump administration announced a major new subsidy program designed to help farmers weather America’s ongoing trade war with China. That initiative—dubbed the Market Facilitation Program (MFP)—has become the single largest source […]