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One Thing Your City Can Do: Reduce Food Waste

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Originally published on December 11, 2019 by The New York Times. Written by Amelia Nierenberg. When we think about food waste, we usually think about individual households. Example: those sad looking carrots at the bottom of the fridge drawer. Your […]

Anti-Food Waste Coalition Aims to Help Economy, Environment and the Hungry

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Originally published by Yahoo Finance on November 13, 2019. In late October, three major U.S. government agencies as well as trade associations for the food manufacturing, grocery and restaurant industries announced their new partnership with the Food Waste Reduction Alliance. […]

Now Accepting Applications for the 2020 Food Law Student Leadership Summit

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The Food Law Student Leadership Summit convenes law students from around the country who share a passion for creating a transparent, equitable, just, and sustainable food system. Food law and policy is a fast-growing field within the legal profession and society at […]

World Food Day: The Fight Against Food Waste

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Originally published October 16, 2019 by Al Jazeera News. Written by Usaid Siddiqui. From fairs promoting healthy diets to lectures teaching students how to reduce food waste, a wide range of public events is planned for Wednesday in some 150 countries […]

FDA Gearing Up For ‘New Era Of Smarter Food Safety’

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Originally published by Forbes on October 15, 2019. Written by Tommy Tobin. Following the enactment of the Food Safety and Modernization Act (“FSMA”) in 2011, the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) embarked on a series of regulatory efforts to increase […]

Our Diets are Killing Us and Doctors aren’t Trained to Help


Originally published by The Hill on October 18, 2019. Written by Emily M. Broad Leib; Stephen Devries, M.D.; and Walter Willet, M.D., Ph.D. What if your doctor failed to talk to you about the most important threat to your health? […]

One by One, They’re Making a Difference

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Originally published by Harvard Gazette on October 18, 2019. Written by Alvin Powell. Sarah Lockridge-Steckel left Harvard College in 2009 and headed to Memphis, Tenn., where she co-founded The Collective, a nonprofit that works with schools, businesses, and community groups […]

If Food is Medicine, Why Isn’t It Taught At Medical Schools?

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Originally published by New Food Economy on October 14, 2019. Written by Jessica Fu. Earlier this year, Mount Sinai, the biggest hospital network in New York City, invested in a meal delivery service. Though it seemed like an unusual move [...]

New Job Opportunity: Mississippi Delta Fellow, 2020

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The Mississippi Delta Fellowship connects recent law school graduates to on-the-ground, community-centered work in the Mississippi Delta. Based in the heart of the South and home of the Blues, the Fellowship provides a unique opportunity to inform and catalyze community […]

Doctors Only Spend One Hour Learning About Nutrition in Four Years of Medical School—It’s Not Enough

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Originally published on October 8, 2019 by Well + Good. Written by Emily Laurence. “Food is medicine.” It’s a refrain you hear a lot—including from doctors. Which is why it’s surprising news that MDs aren’t taught exactly how food and […]