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Medicaid Leaves Many Hepatitis C Patients Behind

Originally published by Vice on December 21, 2017. Written by Sony Salzman. As a liver disease doctor in Chicago, Illinois, Nancy Reau treats patients with hepatitis C, a viral infection that kills more people in the United States than 60 other infectious […]

Colorado lifts Medicaid restrictions for treating hepatitis C

Originally published by STAT on December 4, 2017. Written by Ed Silverman. Amid ongoing criticism that some states continue to curb access to hepatitis C drugs, Colorado officials have lifted restrictions that determined when patients could receive treatment. Going forward, Medicaid beneficiaries will […]

Massachusetts Food is Medicine State Plan Planning Council Serves Up Official Launch to Expand Nutrition Interventions for Vulnerable Populations Across the Commonwealth

Written by Emily J. Wilson, MPH, MS, CHES, Health Professions Education Doctoral (HPED) Program, Simmons College; CHLPI Consultant  On October 30th, the Massachusetts Food is Medicine State Plan Planning Council kicked off the official launch of its work to help reduce […]

The Hidden Health Crisis of the Opioid Epidemic

Originally published by Reuters on December 7, 2017. Written by Robert Greenwald, faculty director of the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation of Harvard Law School and Ryan Clary, executive director of the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable. The American epidemic of opioid abuse […]

Colorado Lifts Restrictions for Treating Hepatitis C Patients; No Longer Need to Have Advanced Liver Damage to Receive Drugs

Originally published by the Denver Post on December 1, 2017. Written by Jennifer Brown. Colorado soon will begin treating needy hepatitis C patients with the latest antiviral drugs instead of waiting until they are sick enough to qualify. Friday’s decision […]

Senate Set to Resume Tax Bill Debate with Health Care Components Uncertain

Originally published on on December 1, 2017. Written by  Janel Miller. The Senate will debate and may vote on the Republican tax reform proposal today, with several critical health care components still undefined, possibly affecting millions of people and billions of […]

Colorado Medicaid Program Takes Vital Step to Ensure Access to Hepatitis C Treatments and Remove Unlawful Restrictions

The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF), in charge of administrating the state’s Medicaid program, has announced today that it will remove its disease stage restriction on Hepatitis C medications. This change means that thousands of Colorado Medicaid recipients infected […]

Revolutionizing Complex Cancer Care in the Community

Written by Megan Fitzgerald and Alina Afinogenova, students in the Health Law and Policy Clinic, Fall 2017. On November 9, 2017, we had the opportunity to attend Revolutionizing Complex Cancer Care in the Community, a policy summit in Washington, D.C. […]

HIV/AIDS group: Insurance Companies Discriminating Against Georgians Living with HIV

Originally published by Georgia Voice on November 28, 2017. Written by Ryan Lee. Already set to charge higher health insurance premiums next year, most of the companies that provide plans via the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace in Georgia are […]

Our Turn: Maryanne Tomazic and Abbe Muller: R.I. fails to address Hepatitis epidemic

Op-ed published in the Providence Journal on November 24, 2017. Rhode Island blocks life-saving treatment for people living with Hepatitis C. The state Department of Human Services applies unnecessary restrictions on Medicaid patients suffering from this disease. These restrictions not […]