CHLPI Faculty Director Quoted in Article on HCV

On Sunday, May 22, 2016, printed the article How sick must hepatitis C patients be to get help? The article, written by Don Sapatkin, looks at Medicaid’s refusal to provide access to the cure for Hepatitis C for Pennsylvania residents suffering from the disease. The article includes a quote from CHLPI’s faculty director Robert Greenwald, and information from CHLPI’s litigation director Kevin Costello.

The week before the article was published, the Pennsylvania Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee recommended that the state’s Medicaid program remove all restrictions to the cure and pay to treat all patients infected with hepatitis C.

Excerpt from article:

“‘A disenfranchised, vulnerable community was one where they could draw the line,’ said Robert Greenwald, a Harvard law professor and coauthor of a study last year that found most states were rationing hepatitis C treatment. ‘A person with Alzheimer’s on Medicaid would have family who would not tolerate not getting the cure,” he said, if one became available.'”

Read How sick must hepatitis C patients be to get help? in full.

Read Kevin Costello’s testimony to the Pennsylvania Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee  on removing restrictions to medication access.

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