CHLPI Talks Policy at the Annual Food is Medicine Coalition Symposium in New York


Photo of graphic recording provided by ImageThink.

On September 12-14, CHLPI attended and presented at the Food is Medicine Coalition’s annual Advocacy Capacity Building Symposium. For years, CHLPI has partnered with the Food is Medicine Coalition (FIMC), a national network of food and nutrition service providers that work to help nutritious food reach those who are severely ill.

Together, FIMC and CHLPI strive to advance a comprehensive policy agenda that centers on the fundamental truth that provision of food should be a medical response to certain health conditions. The goal is for therapeutic meals (also known as medically-tailored meals, or meals designed by a Registered Dietitian to be appropriate for an individual with one or more health conditions) to become integrated into the delivery and financing of healthcare.

At this year’s symposium, CHLPI presented on federal policy action items and helped set the agenda for the year ahead. The symposium featured advice and support from a well-known champion of the anti-hunger movement, Congressman Jim McGovern (MA-2nd), and CHLPI looks forward to working with FIMC, the Congressman, and other key partners to help more individuals in need receive therapeutic meals.

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