Edible Manhattan Applauds FLPC’s U.S. Food Waste Policy Finder

A May 22, 2017 story published on Edible Manhattan applauds the recent creation of tools to help reduce food waste across the nation. The article, These 2 Tools Will Help Us Reduce Food Waste by 50 Percent by 2030, says “These new tools equip leaders across sectors to identify solutions with the largest impact, and prioritize efforts to help the nation reach its goal of 50 percent reduction in food waste by 2030.”


Excerpt from article:

“Forty percent of food produced in the United States is wasted, and while problems in our food system abound—greenhouse gas emissions, farmworker rights, land degradation, affordable access to nutritious food—focusing on food waste is an efficient way to tackle some of our most pressing challenges. ReFED—a multi-stakeholder nonprofit committed to reducing U.S. food waste—recognizes this and have released two new tools to help do just that: the Innovator Database and the Food Waste Policy Finder.”


Read  These 2 Tools Will Help Us Reduce Food Waste by 50 Percent by 2030 in full.

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