FLPC Clinical Fellow Accepted to the Stone Barns Exchange Fellowship​

Congrats to FLPC Clinical Fellow Lee Miller!

Lee was accepted to the Stone Barns Exchange Fellowship, an exclusive fellowship program for inspirational leaders with big ideas, a deep understanding of the food system, and the skills to collaborate with a diverse coalition of change makers.

The Stone Barns Exchange Fellowship, spanning July 10-28, 2017,  is an interdisciplinary program designed to connect change makers from different sectors of the food system, immerse them in the principles of agroecology and farm-driven cuisine, and focus them on strategies for accelerating food system change.

Exchange Fellows will gather for a 3-week residency at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture as they hone their knowledge and skills, connect with experts and each other and evolve their ideas through hands-on activities, conversation, and project design, ultimately working to support the development of a healthy and sustainable food system.

Learn more about the Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture.