FLPC Director Joins New York Times’ “Room for Debate” on Food Waste

FLPC’s Director and Founder Emily Broad Leib joins other food waste reduction leaders for New York Times’ most recent edition of its opinion column, Room for Debate. The Wednesday, September 21, 2016 edition is focused on “Keeping Food on the Plate, and Out of Landfills.”


Emily’s contribution to the discussion examines federal and state laws regarding food waste, and the intended (and unintended) effects of these laws.

Excerpt from article:

“…in the absence of federal law on date labels, no two states have the same date label rules. Several states even restrict or ban the sale or donation of past-date foods. Federal legislation is needed to eliminate state laws that require past-date — but still safe — foods to be wasted, and to standardize date labels so they are clearer to consumers.”

Read the rest of Emily’s article, and the rest of the Room for Debate contributions.

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