FLPC Director Quoted in Huffington Post on Food Waste Solutions in Europe

The August 4, 2016 article “Europe Does Something Amazing With Food That Has Nothing To Do With Eating,” written by Casey Williams, urged the United States to follow Italy’s example and pass legislation to reduce food waste. The Italian government recently passed legislation to reduce the country’s food waste. The new laws make it easier for farms and supermarkets to donate unsold food and reward businesses that cut waste. The measures also encourage Italians to take restaurant leftovers home.

Excerpt from article:

“’The wave of new laws in Europe will definitely put pressure to do something here,’ Broad Leib told The Huffington Post. ‘There is also interest in reducing food waste here, but we have yet to see it really translated into action.’…

While it may be difficult for the U.S. to pass laws exactly like the ones in Italy and France, European governments’ efforts to cut waste show that there’s more the U.S. can do, according to Broad Leib.

‘There are steps we could take at the national level to incentivize or encourage more states to pass landfill bans or diversion requirements,’ she said.

Broad Leib is optimistic that the U.S. will eventually pass such measures. The new legislation in Italy ‘shows that we are really seeing a moment of food waste reduction,” she added.'”



Read “Europe Does Something Amazing With Food That Has Nothing To Do With Eating”in full.

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