FLPC Documentary, EXPIRED, Covered by Alternet

An April 25, 2016 article published by Alternet urges its readers to watch EXPIRED? Food Waste in America. “Watch: Date Labeling Confusion Causes Food Waste, Consumer Uncertainty,” written by Stephanie Van Dyke, looks at the Montana milk law that is highlighted in the documentary.

Excerpt from article:

“According to FLPC Director Emily Broad Leib, ‘date label confusion harms consumers and food companies, and it wastes massive amounts of food, which harms the planet. The U.S. wastes 160 billion pounds of food, or nearly 40 percent of food produced in this country, annually. Twenty-five percent of our freshwater is used to grow food we throw away. What gets tossed out goes into landfills, releasing hazardous methane into an already stressed atmosphere. Making date labels clear and uniform offers a relatively low-cost way to eliminate confusion and save consumers money, and it would make a big dent in the unnecessary waste of wholesome food.’

The Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic hopes that this film raises awareness about the consequences of confusing date labeling and how a uniform labeling system could impact food waste and consumer food safety.”

Read “Watch: Date Labeling Confusion Causes Food Waste, Consumer Uncertainty” in full.


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