Careers in Food Law and Policy

Though food law and policy is an innovative and emerging field in which to study and practice law, there are numerous opportunities in government, non-profit organizations, and private law firms where interested individuals can experience food law and policy in action. In addition to the field of law, there are also a growing number of university, internship, and fellowship programs that offer opportunities to experience food policy in every area relating to food–from international non-profits that address food security to universities that offer courses studying the anthropology of food.

If you are a law student, emerging young professional, food policy advocate, or simply want to learn more about what food policy entails, use these resources from across the nation (and world) to help you find your next job, volunteer position, or internship in the world of food policy.

  • For a general introduction to the range of career opportunities within food law and policy, check out our Food Law and Policy Career Guide, released October 2017.
  • Additionally, is a search tool for opportunities in a variety of areas related to food.

For more specific career opportunities, check out our Current Food Law and Policy Career Opportunities page.