Harvard Delta Clinical Fellow’s Work on Breastfeeding in MS Highlighted

Last week, the Jackson Free Press published a cover story, via the Hechinger Report, on Breastfeeding Rates in Mississippi. Despite the numerous health benefits, Mississippi has some of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the country. This is especially problematic because the benefits of breastfeeding address many of the health issues that plague Mississippi, such as high rates of diabetes, SIDS, and obesity. The Jackson Free Press also published an article focused on whether policy changes can increase breastfeeding in Mississippi.

The articles feature the efforts of Desta Reff, the Harvard Delta Clinical Fellow, and her efforts to increase breastfeeding rates through programs and policies within the state.

As the Harvard Delta Clinical Fellow, Desta is a joint appointee of Harvard Law School and Mississippi State University and works, in  close collaboration with CHLPI’s Food Law and Policy Clinic, to improve public health and economic development in the Delta.

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