The Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation is a highly-praised clinic for Harvard Law School students, an effective advocate for underserved populations, and a nationally respected research organization. Read what our students, clients, partners, and funders are saying.


Krista White, HLS 2016

photo_krista_white“Working in the clinic has honestly been my favorite law school experience thus far, so I don’t have really any critiques about the clinic overall. I really liked the rounds presentations, as I liked hearing about what everyone else was working on. Learning more about the PATHS project and diabetes policy gave me a chance to explore something totally new to me, so I’m really thankful for that opportunity.”


Thomas Tobin, HLS 2016

Tommy-Tobin-web_(1)“My project with the Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) has been the most engaging project of my academic career so far. I get to advise a client about potential options, empowering them through knowledge to help their own stakeholders. It’s exciting that my work will make a tangible difference in people’s lives.”



Jason Nichol, HLS 2015

Jason Nichol headshot

“Participating in the Health Law and Policy Clinic (HLPC) has been one of the most rewarding experiences of law school. Not only do I work on high-level policy analysis for clients that truly value my opinion, but I’m also able to travel and meet with people who will ultimately benefit from the HLPC’s work. This practical intersection of life, law, and policy really makes me feel like I’m making an impact in the field of public health.”


Kellen Wittkop, HLS 2016


“The Health Law and Policy Clinic has provided me a wonderful opportunity to work on meaningful, cutting-edge projects with community partners, field experts, scholars, and other policy advocates. The HLPC offers a well-supported and student-focused environment for clinical students to excel in many interesting and exciting areas of health law. Between engaging projects, knowledgeable clinical instructors, opportunities to influence and analyze policy, and great class seminars, the Health Law and Policy Clinic is an excellent clinical experience.”