The Summer Meals Act: Clinical Student Op-Ed Published

“The Summer Meals Act: An easy choice for Speaker Ryan” was originally published by The Baltimore Sun on November 29, 2015. It was written by Tommy Tobin, a teaching fellow in the economics department of Harvard University; student at Harvard Law School; and former intern of the Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic.

Excerpt from the op-ed:

“Paul Ryan walked into his new role as speaker of the House with an ambitious agenda to fix a broken institution. The coalition of members who elected him is eager to see how his leadership will differ than that of his predecessor. Taking action on simple bills with broad bipartisan support can score the Wisconsin Republican easy legislative victories as he begins his new role.

One such bill — The Summer Meals Act, H.R. 1728 — is a straightforward proposal that would support millions of American children in getting access to affordable, nutritious food over the summer months. Legislative action is needed now in order to prepare students, sponsors and state administrators for the summer of 2016.”

Read “The Summer Meals Act: An easy choice for Speaker Ryan” in full here.




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