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CHLPI hosts a number of health- and food-related events throughout the academic year and presents on its areas of expertise at conferences and events around the country.

Health Law

Students and staff in the Health Law and Policy Clinic develop cutting-edge policy recommendations at the state and national levels in both the legislative and regulatory arenas.

Food Law

The Food Law and Policy Clinic aims to increase access to healthy foods, prevent diet-related diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes, and assist small farmers and producers in participating in food markets.


CHLPI staff and students author reflections, ideas, and critiques of topical health law and food law and policy issues.

  • Call for Proposals for Harvard’s Just Food? Forum on Labor Across the Food System

    Does your work connect to food and labor? Are you studying the players in our food system, and how their roles and rights have changed over time? The Harvard Just Food Forum seeks proposals that focus on all aspects of labor across the food system. You may be working in the tomato fields in Florida, […]

  • Dates On Food Labels May Actually Start To Make Some Sense

      Developing a more standardized system could keep 398,000 tons of food from being wasted every year, according to a report released this year by Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic and other groups. The average family throws out about $1,500 in perfectly edible food a year, CBS News reported. “Dates On Food Labels May […]

  • Exhibit A for Republican Obamacare repeal challenge: people with HIV

    Written by┬áBy Julie Steenhuysen and originally published by Reuters on January 5, 2017.   Scientists have shown conclusively that treatment not only improves the health of people infected with HIV, it also stops transmission of the virus that causes AIDS. That public health issue is just one of the challenges Republicans face as they attempt […]

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