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The Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) was established in 2010 to link Harvard Law School students with opportunities to work with clients and communities on various food law and policy issues. The FLPC provides legal advice to nonprofits and government agencies seeking to increase access to healthy foods, prevent diet-related diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes, and reduce barriers to market entry for small-scale and sustainable food producers, while educating law students about ways to use law and policy to impact the food system. The FLPC engages a strong policy orientation as well as substantive expertise in the food system to assist a range of federal, state, and local clients around the United States—from Massachusetts to Mississippi—in understanding the legal and policy regimes that apply to food production and sales.

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In Winter 2014, the Harvard Law School Bulletin profiled the work the FLPC has accomplished since its inception as well as other food law and policy work happening by HLS affiliates; read that article here.

FLPC Staff: Ona, Sarah, Emily, and Alli

FLPC Staff: Ona, Sarah, Emily, and Alli

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Emily Broad Leib, Director
Alli Condra, Senior Clinical Fellow
Sarah Downer, Clinical Instructor
Ona Balkus, Clinical Fellow

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