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Black Lives Matter

As individuals and as an organization, we at CHLPI pledge to reflect on our role in supporting, exacerbating, and failing to meaningfully question and address systemic racism. The CHLPI team pledges to recognize our role in the current model, and do better. Read our statement on racial justice here

Health Law and Policy Clinic COVID-19 Response

HLPC’s COVID-19 response initiatives ranges from promoting best practice for access to essential care, to ensuring a sound public health response by government, to keeping people at home and out of emergency rooms by addressing social determinants of health. Learn more and access our resources here. 

Food Law and Policy Clinic COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 continues to impact life and society in many ways, including our food systems. FLPC’s efforts to address the crisis include supporting donations of excess food due to business closures, analyzing opportunities to increase low-cost home food delivery, and shoring up emergency food systems. Learn about our efforts here.

Texas Medicaid Enrollees Sue State For Cure To Hepatitis C Virus

The Texas Health & Human Services Commission (“HHSC”) has been challenged by Medicaid enrollees for instituting a policy that rations coverage of prescription drugs to cure Hepatitis C virus (“HCV”). In a class action lawsuit recently filed in federal district [...]

Fixing the Covid Food Disaster Can Slash Climate Emissions

This article was originally written by Sarah McBride and published in Bloomberg Quint on August 13, 2020.  By the end of April, Olivier Griss knew he had a problem. Coke Farm, the San Juan Bautista, Calif. business his stepfather started [...]

State health officer, experts discuss health disparities

This article was originally written by Danny McArthur and was published in the Daily Journal on August 12, 2020.  Coronavirus continues to reveal striking health disparities as a result of systemic healthcare issues, according to State Health Officer Thomas Dobbs [...]

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