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Watch the MA Food is Medicine State Plan Video

CHLPI has been developing the Massachusetts Food is Medicine State Plan, an initiative that will assess the need for and access to Food is Medicine interventions across the state. We will develop and publish a report with concrete strategies that organizations and state agencies can use to improve access to Food is Medicine. 

Fall Semester Officially Over

Best luck to our students during exam period!

11/21: Collateral Consequences: Examining the Impact of Incarceration on Food Insecurity

Dr. Kecia Johnson, Co-Director of the Mississippi Food Insecurity Project, will provide a conceptual framework to understand how individuals with a felony drug conviction may be at a greater risk of food insecurity due to lifetime restrictions or modified bans from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). 

Anti-Food Waste Coalition Aims to Help Economy, Environment and the Hungry

Originally published by Yahoo Finance on November 13, 2019. In late October, three major U.S. government agencies as well as trade associations for the food manufacturing, grocery and restaurant industries announced their new partnership with the Food Waste Reduction Alliance. […]

Now Accepting Applications for the 2020 Food Law Student Leadership Summit

The Food Law Student Leadership Summit convenes law students from around the country who share a passion for creating a transparent, equitable, just, and sustainable food system. Food law and policy is a fast-growing field within the legal profession and society at […]

A Q&A with Robert Greenwald on ‘Getting to Zero’ And the Success of PEPFAR, 15 Years Later

“Getting to zero”—what Harvard Professors Ingrid Katz and Ashish Jha describe as “end[ing] transmission of [HIV] and control[ing] the epidemic in the United States within the next 10 years”­—will take a suite of tools to achieve, according Robert Greenwald, a clinical professor at […]

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